Year 2018

Tio Ciu Festival English Debating Competition 2018

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Good morning everyone!

Thank you so much for participating in debate tournament of Tiociu Festival season 4. I’d like to express our biggest gratitude representing OrgComm & Adj Core to all of you for joining and making us possible to arrange one of the biggest tournament in Medan. Not to mention the pleasure of seeing interesting debate, affirmation that debating is properly regenerated.

Also, congratulation for all winners! For participants, please bear in mind that hardwork wont betray, as it’ll eventually come and you have to keep hustling

On a side note, tabs can now be accessed thru this link for category A


STOSA English Festival Debating Competition 2018

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[STOSA English Festival Debating Competition 2018; A Wrap]
It’s a good wrap to accomplish this very humble debating tournament. We applaud for the consistency since 2009 for conducting English Debating category as a part of English Olympiad series. Also, we thankful for the trust since beginning, for letting our organization cooperated for a sustainable partnership. .
For this year committee, a such solid teamwork who proof sincere careness and enthusiam. For all volunteering adjudicators for humbly supportive contribution during adjudication process to become so smoothly. Also all participants which showed passionate learning spirit. .
We congratulate for those winners:
1. Champion: SMA Negeri 1 Medan
2. 1st Runner-up: SMA CT Foundation
3. 2nd Runner-up: SMA St. Thomas 1 Medan
4. 3rd Runner-up: SMA Methodist 3 Medan

Thank you so much for this opportunity. See you on SEF 2019.

Signing off

IMSI English Debate 2018

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Dear all,

IMSI English Debate 2018 had ended following an amazing execution in FIB USU. Through this post, the A-Core would like to convey our gratitude for Department of English Literature for hosting this event again this year. We’d like to also appreciate all participants who had joined the competition this year with full of surprisingly thrilling motions from beginning til the end. We’d also like to congratulate the following institutions and individuals for their achievements:

Champion:       District 1
1st Runner Up:  Aplusworshiphery12
2nd Runner Up:  District 3

3rd Runner Up:   District 2

Top 2 best-speaker
1. Daniel Wyarta

2. Chyntia Tjandra

We genuinely hope that you had a great time in IMSI 2018. Please find the attached item that all of you have been waiting for, the tab. However, we do apologize for sending this late and for any mistake we did during the competition. Hopefully, this competition will be an amazing experience for all of us.


Signing off,
Dedy – Jessica – Putry – Desmery
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English Battle Championship Debate Competition 2018

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[English Battle Championship – Debate Competition] Annyeong debaters!
So EBC debate competition 2018 has eventually ended
We’d like to congratulate all the winners:
Champion : District 1 (Swanny Wijaya and Samuel Dacosta Lubis)
1st RU District 2 (Janice Chance and Alexander Effendy)
2nd RU Demish ( Fiona and Marshella Gohan )
3rd RU Shafiyyatul ( Zeta Raihan Salsabila and Edyth Vivian Lucyda Berutu)
And The top 10 best Speaker
1st : Swanny Wijaya
2nd Samuel Dacosta Lubis
Co 3rd : Alexander Effendy and Madeline Oang
5th : Jonathan Anthony Wongso
Co 6th Riqueza Raihan and
William Dystopian
8th M. Ariq Ismail
Co 9th Zeta Raihan Salsabila,
Kania Khalisah and Syarifah Zuhra Alatas
We’d like to also thank all the org committes who have been so fully prepared to conduct this competition, also to all the AMAZING invited adjudicators who have sacrificed their weekend to help us in adjudicating this competition:):)
And obviouslyyy to all the high school debaters who have joined the competition and gave us alot of amazing speeches which are far beyond from our expectationss.
Signing Off,
Terry- Gaby – Randy

STIM SUKMA Festival Debate Competition 2018

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Greetings, debaters!
Before everything else, the first STIM SUKMA FESTIVAL Debate Competition has ended!
We would like to congratulate the winners:
Champion: Sutomo 2 AMSR (Daniel Wiyarta T & Ricardo)
1st Runner-up: District 1 (Swanny Wijaya & Cynthia Tjandra)
2nd Runner-up: District 2 (Alexander Effendy & Janice Chance)
3rd Runner-up: USD The Anacondas (Dedy Gunawan & Nurmia)
Novice Champion: PIA A (Rabidin & Devi Suryani)
Novice 1st Runner-up: Sutomo 2 Champion (Chyntia & Stefanie)
Novice 2nd Runner-up: Sutomo 2 Love (Jocelyn & Chriselyn)
Novice 3rd Runner-up: District 3 (Madeline & Jonathan)
Best Speaker: Swanny Wijaya
2nd Best Speaker: Jessica
3rd Best Speaker: Dedy Gunawan
4th Best Speaker: Daniel Wiyarta T
co-5th Best Speaker: Sastra Buana & Hanto Intan
Novice co- Best Speaker: Mardhatillah & Michelle
On behalf of the org com, Thanks to the wonderful invited judges that showed up, sacrificed their days and judged for one or more rounds, to make this tournament, the success that is was!
And obviously many, many thanks to all of the wonderful debaters that gave amazing speeches and made the entire day competition so much fun!
Signing off,
Novelisa – Mita – Satya

Medan British Parliamentary Debate Open 2018

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Dear all,

We do apologize for this belated MBPDO result afterglow. There is a technical issue that thanks God we can handle it. This is an amazing moment to spend with you in last week, eye witnessing great debaters fighting their brain flex. We believe that MBPDO this year has been the channel to all debaters to prepare for next coming tournament.

On behalf of the A-core of MBPDO 2018, we proudly would like to congratulate:

  • USD Pok-Pok-Pok as the Champion
  • ITnB Wakanda as the 1st Runner Up
  • STBA PIA Kim Jaehwan as the 2nd Runner Up
  • UMN A as the 3rd Runner Up

We also would like to congratulate to

  • Jessica (USD Pok Pok Pok) as the 1st Best Speaker
  • Nurmia Novianti (USD Pok Pok Pok) as the 2nd Best Speaker
  • Sastra Buana Ginting (UMN B) as the 3rd Best Speaker
  • Seyu Fani (UMN B) as the 3rd Co-Best Speaker

Last but not least, we would like to extend our humbly gratitude to Medan Debater Forum which makes this competition happen again this year; Politeknik Ganesha, which kindly host this event with all its supports given; Fadhila and Daniel who want to be amazing project executive team; all A-core and invited adjudicators and also inter-varsity debaters around Medan.

We genuinely hope that you had a great time in MBPDO 2018 in Medan. Please find the attached item that most of you have been anticipating (yess the tab.). However we are sorry to send this late, and we do apologize for any mistake we did during the competition. Hopefully this MBPDO will be a remarkable competition for all of us.

Best regards,

Than, Daniel, Dio

Sign off

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Medan Asian Parliamentary Debate Open 2018

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Hey Medan Debaters!

We believe you have been waiting for this. We recap the result afterglow of Medan Asian Parliamentary Debate Open 2018. That was apparently epic weekend spent with you all and we believe that it had enjoying the participants and all the MDF committee and the hosting committee. We also perceived that we should bring 3 on 3 debater exposure back to here in Medan. .

Also, on behalf of A-cor, we proudly to annouce both the winning teams and best speakers.They were so competitive, amazing and evil drbaters. I would like to congratulate.

Champion: Consolidation
1st Runner up: Not Real NSDC
2nd Runner up: USD Wanna Try
3rd Runner up : GWS Dahrul .

And also the best speakers:

1st Best Speaker: Hanto Intan
2nd Best Speaker: Daniel Wiyarta T
3rd Best Speaker: Rendy Rentanaka .

Last but not least, We would like to express my sincere gratitude to all invited adjudicators that can’t mention, our lovely A-core teams Mery and Agus and committee to make this happened and also Universitas Muslim Nusantara to generously host our amazing Asian Parliamentary debate back.

Best regards,
Than – Agus – Mery

Kompetisi Debat Mahasiswa Indonesia (KDMI) Kopertis I 2018

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[Kompetisi Debat Mahasiswa Indonesia Seleksi Regional Kopertis Wilayah I Sumatera Utara 2018; Sebuah Prakata Penutup]

Salam hormat kepada seluruh peserta dan peminat debat parlementer.

Debat Parlementer telah memasuki babak baru dimana pada tahun 2018 ini, Direktorat Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi Kementerian Riset dan Pendidikan Tinggi RI memulai suatu terobosan melalui pelaksanaan Kompetisi Debat Mahasiswa Indonesia (KDMI) melalui seleksi berjenjang selaiknya NUDC yang telah lama kita kenal. Merupakan suatu penghargaan bagi kami Medan Debaters Forum (MDF) dipercayakan untuk mengelola penjurian melalui kolaborasi yang sungguh kontributif bersama Universitas Negeri Medan. Kami sampaikan penghargaan dan ucapan terima kasih yang setinggi-tingginya untuk kepercayaan tersebut.

Selanjutnya, sebagai bentuk pertanggungjawaban publik, kami sampaikan selamat kepada institusi yang berhasil menjadi pemenang melalui pelaksanaan lomba tersebut diatas selama 2 (dua) hari terhitung mulai tanggal 19 Juli s.d 20 Juli 2018. Para institusi pemenang tersebut adalah sebagai berikut:

Pemenang I : Universitas Medan Area
Pemenang II : Universitas Pelita Harapan Medan
Pemenang III : Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara
Pemenang IV : Universitas Sumatera Utara
Pemenang V : Universitas Harapan Medan
Pemenang VI : Universitas Muslim Nusantara Al-Washliyah Medan

Demikian kami sampaikan. Laporan tabulasi secara detail dan lengkap dapat diunduh secara gratis melalui tautan:

Terima kasih. Semoga Debat Parlementer menjadi penopang demokrasi yang berkedaulatan dan berimbang secara konstruktif dan berkelanjutan.

Salam Hormat,
Dewan Juri
Hot Maringan, Prof.Dr. Khairil, Selamat Husni, Dr. Wisman, Dr. Syahnan, Satya Kevino dan Agung Pratama.

NUDC Kopertis I Selection 2018

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Howdy-doody all,

A gate to face a real competition has been just passed, NUDC Kopertis I Selection 2018 was executed in magnificent triumph and pretentious round of battles. By virtue of Adjudication core, we would like to convey our highest gratitude to various stakeholders, KOPERTIS I as regional authority who takes in charge to provide access upon the representatives demand to NUDC in national scale, respected universities and representatives who solidly attempt to participate, invited adjudicator as the foundation of debating conducts, and also debate enthusiasts. We cordially also like to congratulate the following institutions and individuals for their achievements.

In accordance with the capacity provided for KOPERTIS I for the national ground, we proudly announce the 9 institutions who precisely made it through,

Champion : Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara
1st RU : Universitas Sumatera Utara
2nd RU : STIE IT&B
3rd RU : Politeknik Negeri Medan
4th RU : Universitas Negeri Medan
5th RU : STBA – PIA
6th RU : UMN – Al-Wahsliyah Medan
7th RU : Politeknik WIlmar
8th RU : Universitas Pelita Harapan Medan

With an outstanding N1 – Adjudicator who proved themselves to break,
1st Breaking N1 – Adjudicator : Putri Amelia (USU)
2nd Breaking N1 – Adjudicator : Denny (UPH Medan)

Hence, The superb Best speakers achieved by
1st Overall Best Speaker : Jessica (USU)
2nd Best Speaker : Hanto Intan (STBA PIA)
3rd Best Speaker : Nurmia Novianti (USU)

We genuinely put thousands of hopes to all representatives upon their achievement in KOPERTIS I selection to be extended for the bigger and more mesmerizing achievement in National scale. For the team who had not made to be the nine slots, it is not the time to give up, cause there is still opportunity to catch next year.  However, we are deeply sorry to send this late, and we admitted that there are some flaws during the competition. Hopefully this year result could be a standard for the next year selection or even to escalate it higher even more.

Signing off,

Adjudication Core

Hotma – Husni – Agung

National School Debating Championship Provincial Selection 2018

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Dear, debaters.

Another great debate competition is done. National School Debating Championship Provincial Selection 2018 that held by Sumut Government cooperated with Medan Debaters Forum had choosen our representatives to National.

We would like to congratulate
Kota Medan as The Champion
Kota Binjai as The First Runner-up
Kab. Toba Samosir as The Second Runner-up

And we also congratulate for these individuals who will represent Sumatera Utara in the National Round

1. Daniel Wiyarta Tenggara (Kota Medan)
2. Mhd.Fadlan (Kota Medan)
3. Arafah Nur Ihza (Kota Binjai)

We also would like to say thanks to all adjudicators that already give their best in terms of giving input in a form of knowledge or new experience in many ways.

If you wanna see the full tab, you can check our. Tabulation in !

Lastly, we hope that all the result wil give best outcome for the participants, teachers, adjudicators, and all people that involved in this competition.

Finally the adj.core of NSDC 2018 Province selection.
Signing off

UNIMED National English Competition 7 Debate Competition 2018

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Greetings Debaters,
It’s been a week since we had fun in NEC 7 Debate Competition 2018, at 1st & 2nd March 2018. It’s been a great honour for us to be part of this event, and we on behalf of adjcore would like to express our gratitude towards all the participants, committees, and all that involved to make this event memorable.
1. First of all, thanks for all participants that joined this competition. Thank you for your enthusiasm that makes this competition fun and engaging for all of us
2. Also, we would like to thank all the invited adjudicators, Sastra, Angga, Dila, Agung, Hanto, Jeffry, and Dedy for the cooperation and professionalism, making this competition fair and credible.
3. Especially to the volunteer adjudicators, we would like to express our deepest gratitude for your hard work and willingness to help and assist us. For Jessica, Fajar, Satyananda, Nifa, Atikha, Iskandar, Yoga, Ray, and Qashmal, you rock!
4. And thank you for all the committees from NEC 7 for the cooperation, the hospitality, and the good work during the event so that the tournament can proceed smoothly and on time.
5. Last but not least, thanks to Medan Debaters Forum (MDF) that had helped to make this competition possible. Please keep up the good work on proliferating and developing debate scene so that more and more people are able to take part in the enjoyment of the debate we love.
And most importantly we want to congratulate all of the winners and top performers of this NEC 7 Debate Competition 2018 :
Main Category
Champion: MAN Insan Cendikia B
1st Runner Up: SMAN 1 Medan A
2nd Runner Up: District 2
3rd Runner Up: SMAN 1 Binjai A
Best Speakers:
1st Best Speaker – Camilia Putri (MAN Insan Cendikia IC B)
2nd Best Speaker – Asyila Paramita (SMAN 1 Medan A)
3rd Best Speaker – Nisya Ayavy (SMAN 1 Medan A)
Novice Category
Champion: District 1
1st Runner Up: Bintang Timur WIN 3
2nd Runner Up: Raudatul Hasanah 2
3rd Runner Up: SMAN 16 Medan
Novice Best Speakers:
1st Best Speaker – Ezra N Simamora (Wahidin X)
2nd Best Speaker – Andini Dwi K Daulay (SMANBIPEDS A)
3rd Best Speaker – Hasoloan Pasaribu (SMAN 15 Medan)
You can check the complete tabulation at
Finally, on behalf of the committees and the Adjus Team, We’d like to apologize for any mistakes that happened in the competition.
With this, we officially end the NEC 7 Debate Competition 2018.
Signing off
Hotma – Daniel – Ali

SOVED 2018

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Dear all,

Our SOVED 2018 had ended following a smooth and superb execution in STBA-PIA Medan. Through this post, the A-Core would like to convey our gratitude to the organizing committee of STBA-PIA for being a marvelous and spectacular host, Rabiddin Hussien for the hard-working orgcomm as Convenor and Hanto, as Tournament Director, respectively, invited and independent judges who have been so contributive to us and the debaters with their time and sacrifice to judge and deliver precious feedbacks. We would also like to congratulate the following institutions and individuals for their achievements:

Champion : Universitas Syiah Kuala
1st Runner Up : Universitas Sriwijaya
2nd Runner Up : Universitas Sumatera Utara
3rd Runner Up : Universitas Bengkulu

Top 5 Speakers
1. Bioantika (UNSRI 1)
2. Jessica (USU 3)
3. Winarni Jhon (UNSRI 1)
4. Ray Vivaldi Panjaitan (USU 1)
5. Khamidah Sulistiya Rini Nurman (UNIB 1)

Top 5 Best N1 Adjudicator
1. Wilsen Yungnata (UNSYIAH)
2. Yosi Noviana Syahrinal (UNRI)
3. Putry Amelia Sitorus (USU)
4. Setiawan Junior (UPH)
5. Keanzie Deangelo (UPH)

We genuinely hope that you had a great time in SOVED 2018 in Medan. Please find the attached item that most of you have been anticipating (yess the tab.). However we are sorry to send this late, and we do apologize for any mistake we did during the competition. Hopefully this SOVED will be a remarkable competition for all of us.

See you in SOVED 2019 PALEMBANG !!!!

Signing off,

Dedy Gun – Putri A. – Hanto – Dedy Nugroho

Link to the tabulation can be found here:

Walton English Debate Competition 2018

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Hi guys!

Tabs of Walton English Debate Competition is up!

Congratulation SEC Inferno (Marco Pagett & Abiyyu) as champion, following by Hard Coucher No Cringe (Daniel WT & Alexander Effendy), District 1 (Felix Ignatius & Valentino Lawrence) and M3 (William & Jocelyn Kuan) as 1st, 2nd and 3rd runner up respectively.

Also congratulate Marco Pagett as Overall Best Speaker, Felix Ignatius as 2nd best & Daniel WT as 3rd best speaker!

Adj Core sign off,
Agung Sinulingga – Hanto