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Medan Pro Am Debate Open 2017

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Hi guys & gals,

We’re so thankful for your participation in Medan Pro Am Debate Open 2017. We hope you did enjoy the competition, gain so many positive experiences, new lessons, or maybe new friends.

I’d like to thank and give big appreciation to Medan Debaters Forum ( MDF) because once again they successfully help us to develop debate in Medan and show their endless efforts to achieve that. We’d also like to thank Universitas Muslim Nusantara as the host of Medan Pro Am Debate Open 2017 for their dedication to the debate developement in Medan.

Next is for my best A-core team, Bro Sat and Bang Agus, thank you for your patience, time, support, and all those new experiences that you gave. It’s such a blessing having you as my first A-core team.

Last but not least, thank you for all the invited adjudicators for your time and energy in giving such an amazing experience to all the participants in this tournament. We hope that you did enjoy the tournament and get good lessons and experiences as well.

Finally, we’d like to congratulate :

Professional Best Speakers

Best Speaker: Selamat Husni Hsb. ( The Ordinary Men)
2nd Best Speaker: Dedy Gunawan Lien ( USD Xi Jin Ping)
Co-3rd Best Speaker: Randy Rentanaka ( Kembali Bersama)
Co-3rd Best Speaker: Nurmia Novianti ( USD Kim Jong Un)
5th Best Speaker: Jeffry ( USD Setya Novanto)

Amateur Best Speakers

Co-Best Speaker: Sinta Anjelina ( USD Xi Jin Ping)
Co-Best Speaker: Fransiska Theresia ( Kembali Bersama)
Co-Best Speaker: Luthfie Maulana ( The Ordinary Men)
4th Best Speaker: Afrah Fanira Nasution ( USD Kim Jong Un )
Co-5th Best Speaker: Liana Paras Mita ( USD Setya Novanto)
Co-5th Best Speaker: Jonathan Anthony (District 4)

And also congratulations to

USD Ahok as the Champion
Just Passing By 3.0 as the 1st Runner-up
The Ordinary Men as the 2nd Runner-up
Kembali Bersama as the 3rd Runner-up

We also sincerely apologize for our mistakes in giving contructive or justification that might be hurting you. Let’s be each other’s good memories. See you in another competition as a better person and competitor.

As our last duty as A-core Medan Pro Am Debate Open 2017 , here is the tabulation

Thank you

Signing off
Fhadilah, Agus, Satya

IMSI’s 36th Anniversary Debate Competition 2017

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Greetings to all Medan Debaters,

With the end of 36th IMSI anniversary 2017 Debate Competition , we have several things to say :

1. We’d like to thank all the committees from IMSI for the cooperation, the warmth attitude toward us, and for providing everything that we need during the event. We will never forget your hospitality toward us, and we really grateful for that.

2. Next is for all the participants that came to the TM, being on time and not breaking stuffs 😂.We also salute your will to learn and develop yourself, the performance were getting better each round.

3. Also, thanks to the invited adjudicators, Satya, Hotma, Husni, Desmerry and Ray (Awesome adjus) completing this competition with professionalism, and making this competition fun and credible.

4. Last but not least thanks to Medan Debaters Forum (MDF) that had given us the opportunity. Because of MDF , more and more debaters were born and the progress of medan debating were increasing significantly.

And most importantly we want to congratulate all of the winners and top performers of this 36th IMSI anniversary 2017 Debate Competition; ladies and gentlemen, give a round of applause to congratulate these great individuals/ teams :

Novice Category
Champion: SUTOMO 1 D (Nico Arsenia Liman & Marshella Gohan)
1st Runner Up: SMANBIPEDS A (Sania Febrita & Gabriel May Angelita)
2nd Runner Up: SUTOMO 1 E (William Lika & Roger Marvin)
3rd Runner Up: HARSA B (Khairunnisa & Alysha Nola Martiza Sinulingga)

Novice Best Speaker
– Felix Ignatius (SUTOMO 1 C)

Main Category
Champion: SUTOMO 1 A (Swanny Wijaya & Valentino Lawrence)
1st Runner Up: SUTOMO 1 B (Alexander Effendy & Edmund Tandar)
2nd Runner Up: EUREKA A (Fauzan Uyun & Zeta Reihan Salsabila)
3rd Runner Up: POS A (Joyce Chanelle Limpid & Stephen Oen)

Best Speaker:
– Fauzan Uyun (EUREKA A)

You can check the complete tabulation at

Finally, on behalf of the committees and the Adjus Team, We’d like to apologize for any mistakes that happened in the competition.

With this, we officially end the debate competition of 36th IMSI Anniversary 2017, *Knock *knock *knock
Keep calm n love debating!

See ya!
IMSI 2017 Adjcore
Jeffry – Dedy – Ali


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Hello debaters!

LIBASH 2017 has been done week ago and we are sorry for the late afterglow

On behalf of all committees, i’d like to thank all of the participants who have spent weekend debating here and its our pleasure to assist your needs & catered all issues during tournament

Second, we thank the A-Core team; Vincentius (ITB), Hanto (STBA PIA) & Elsyam (USU). It was fun working with you guys and thanks for being so helpful

Third, to all winners! Congratulation to make that far and you guys were awesome. Our pleasure to award these individuals;
District 1 (Swanny Wijaya & Alexander Effendy) as Champion
Sutomo 2 A (Daniel W. Tenggara & Kevin Suwito) as 1st Runner Up
SMANSA (Tio Sihombing & Asyila Paramitha) as 2nd Runner Up
Goosebumps ( Felix Ivan Taslim & Kevin Orlando Wijaya) as 3rd Runner Up

Also Swanny Wijaya (District 1) as Overall Best Speaker.

The tabulation of tournament will be posted along after this afterglow and also can be checked through

So on behalf of OrgComm
We sign off,
Fauzan Uyun
Convener of LIBASH Debate 2017

SMAN3 Debate Open 2017

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Good day debaters,
The SMAN 3 Open 2017 is finally over and on behalf of the all committees & Adjudication Core, we would like to announce several things to the Medan Debating Community.

1. The Organizing Committees are very pleasure to assisted many awesome speakers during their time showing their guts. Its an honor for us to serve despite some parts we were lacking off. But, nobody is perfect right? and your understanding and support to us show that a great competition also means a very supportive teams participating

2. We would like to thank the Adjudication team especially the Adjudication Core; Ms AMANDA CHAN from MALAYA UNIVERSITY, Mr Daniel Ronaldo Htb & Mr Hanto Intan for the very great motions which are so brain storming and challenging. Besides, we are so grateful that all of the adjudicators are also very assisting to the demand of debaters and also fulfill the lackness of the committee. Thanks a lot!

3. Third, is the most awaited announcement, which is the result of tournament. Hereby we want to congratulate these awesome teams/individuals;
a. Open Grand Finalists; USD Breaking Bad (Dedy Gunawan & Muhammad Ali) as CHAMPION, The Blood in Our Hand (Satya Kevino & Indah S. Natalia) as 1st RUNNER UP, USD Pretty Liar (Jessica & Nurmia Novianti) as 2nd RUNNER UP and also Charlotte 12 (Elsyam Maulana & Daniel W. Tenggara) as 3rd RUNNER UP.
b. Grand Final Open Best Speaker: Dedy Gunawan Lien (USD Breaking Bad)
c. Open Best Speakers; Jessica, Satya Kevino, Elsyam Maulana ties on the 1st BEST SPEAKER, as well as Marco Pitoyo Pagett as the 4th Best Speaker
d. Novice Champion: USD Little Diva (Desmery N. Tarigan & Siti Hafifah)
e. Novice Best Speaker: Indah S. Natalia, Seyu Fani & Desmery Tarigan

The tabulation of tournament can be accessed through

So hereby we sign off,
Muhammad Abiyyu
Convener of SMAN 3 Debate Open 2017

Politeknik WBI English Battle Championship 2017

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Dear Indonesian Debaters,

As a part of the 2017 English Battle Championship, Wilmar Bisnis Indonesia Politeknik held a High School Debate Competition on September 23 – 24. Along with this email the Adjudication Core would like to place their gratitude toward Wilmar for the well-conducted competition, the invited adjudicators for there willingness to allocate some times in their -supposedly- weekend, the organizing committee for assisting the A-Core in managing the participants and rounds, and to the participants for their cooperation and eagerness to learn.

After 5 rounds and 2 days competition, the A-Core would like to congratulate:

1) Swanny Wijaya and Valentino Lawrence from District A as Champion;

2) Zeta Reihan Salsabila and Andiva Liesty Amelia from HARSA A as 1st Runner Up;

3) Cynthia Tjandra and Alexander Effendy from District B as 2nd Runner Up;

4) Felicia Henrico and Clarissa Fernanda from POS E as 3rd Runner Up; and

5) Swanny Wijaya as the Best Speaker.

Attached is the full tabulation of the entire tournament. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact any member of the Adjudication Core for further clarifications.

Signing off,

Astri Agustina – Roderick Sibarani

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NUDC 2017 Kopertis 1 Regional Selection

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NUDC as one of the most prestigious debating competitions in Indonesia has always provided quality adjudicators and competitive debates. This year’s NUDC Regional Selection Kopertis Wilayah I Sumatera Utara 2017 held on July 18th-20th 2017. Such regional debating tournament funded officially by the government, as the gate to the national scale.

As Adjudication Core, it was our mission to improve this competition year by year by perfecting every aspect on this competition such as the adjudicators, diversity of participants, mechanism, and motions. By that, we analyzed last year “missing puzzles” into real improvement, such as providing adjudicator feedback form to learn about constructive criticism and ensuring all adjudication process to be conflict of interest-free. We acknowledged those were still need some improvements but we do believe that we are progressively shifting in a good way. We believe you all agree on this issue.

MDF as the committee would not be such an ignorant by leaving the same problem over and over again by years. We do realize that the concept of debate is still not fully understood by the vast majority of participant due lack of training and missing information. We also offer some solution by giving free training, pre-NUDC prep, and online training. We are answering every challenges and problem that may have occurred.

We would like to thank for all committees for such hard-working team work, always ready to serve, would hold our principles in the name of fairness and responding necessaries quickly. We appreciated this understanding.

Finally, We congratulate all selected institutions who represent Kopertis Wilayah I Sumatera Utara at National University Debating Championship 2017:

  1. Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU)
  2. Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (UMSU)
  3. Politeknik IT&B
  4. Universitas Sari Mutiara (USM)
  5. Politeknik Negeri Medan (Polmed)
  6. Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH)
  7. STBA Harapan
  8. Universitas Muslim Nusantara Al Washliyah (UMN AW)
  9. Universitas Muhammadiyah Tapanuli Selatan (UMTS)

We do believe by this year NUDC, it could create such a competitive situation for every participant no matter if they are far from Medan or never heard anything about debate. We also expect active participation next year with a spirit to actually win the competition, and be able to compete with another campus. Possibly, with “unexpected” winners.

Next year, be prepared to expect the unexpected.

Overall, congratulation to every winner and participants, and we will see you all next year!

PS: the  competition tabulation is now available in


Hotma – Husni – Rafy

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Medan British Parliamentary Debate Open 2017

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Hello everyone !
Before everything else, we are really sorry for the afterglow delay.

First of all, we would like to appreciate all of the participants, committees, Politeknik Ganesha Medan, and also all of the invited and volunteer judges who have helped us, for their continuous cooperation and also support in order to make this competition a success.

Second of all, we would like to also congratulate:
– USD Romeo(Dedy Gunawan-Kent Christian) as Champion
– Defying Gravity 12 (Daniel Wiyarta T-Resty Sutrainy Ayu) as 1st Runner Up
– The Mummies (Swanny Wijaya-Mitch Malvin) as the 2nd Runner Up
– USD Juliet (Nurmia Novianti-Jessica) as the 3rd Runner Up
and also the best speakers:
– Daniel Wiyarta T as the 1st Best Speaker
– Dedy Gunawan Lien as the Co-1st Best Speaker
– Resty Sutrainy Ayu as the 3rd Best Speaker.

Third of all, the MBPDO 2017 tab can be accessed from

Lastly, is that we, as the adjudication core, apologize for any mistakes that we did in MBPDO 2017.

We hope that what you have earned and learnt, would encourage you to strive for a greater milestone.

See you in MBPDO 2018 everyone!

Officially singing off,

UMSU Debate Open 2017

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Hi debaters,

UMSU Debate Open was finished, we would like to sorry for the late posting and we would like to congratulate teams in following categories :

Main Category
SELIMUT TETANGGA as the Champion
EMPEROR PENGUIN 12 as the 1st Runner Up
IT&B as the 2nd Runner Up
EDCY & DECO as the 3rd Runner Up

With following top 10 Best Speaker
1.Roderick Sibarani (SANDYDJAROT)
2. Karjongko (EDCY & DECO)
3. Frederick Samuel (Blossom)
4. Daniel Wiyarta Tenggara (EMPEROR PENGUIN 12)
5. Jocelyn Amelia (FIRST TIMER)
6.Dedy Satria Nugroho (FIRST TIMER)
7. Gunawan Tjokro (SANDY DJAROT)
8. Furqanul Hakim (EDCY & DECO)
9. Swanny Wijaya (EMPEROR PENGUIN 12)
10. M.Rizul Akbar Lubis (SELIMUT TETANGGA)

Novice Category:
SYANTIK as the Champion
UDS AJA as the 1st Runner Up
UNP C as the 2nd Runner Up
BREAKING SQUAD as the 3rd Runner Up

With following top 10 Best Speaker :
1.Abdurrahman Zuhdi (UDS AJA)
2.Silva Afdian (UNP A)
3. Seyu Fani (Bubble)
4. Vivian Liawi (SYANTIK)
5. George (SYANTIK)
6. Fernando Trustanto (BREAKING SQUAD)
7. Oktri Frantika (UNP A)
8. Norin Aisya (UNP B)
9. Annisa Syafira Gusnov (UDS AJA)
10. Herry Sutama (UNP B)


And also we would like to thank our beloved adjudication core
Boby Andika Ruitang (CA)
Muhammad Farhansyah (DCA)
Vicario Reinaldo (DCA)
Adlini Ilma Gaisha (Invited)
Leo Wibisono (Invited)
Rizky Saputra (Invited)
Adhi Hardiansyah (Invited)
Yasmita Sari (Invited)

Last but not least for the amazing participants comes from Aceh,Medan,Riau,Padang,NTB and Java and the committee whose make this competition happen.

Once again congratulations and thank you for all of your dedication and efforts in UMSU Debate Open 2017. And again we would like to apologize for any kind of mistake that happen in the competition and others.

To end up this post here is the tabie of UMSU Debate Open 2017.

Best Regards,

Annisa Syafira Gusnov
Secretary of UDO 2017

IEC Debate Open 2017

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Good Day debaters! It was an evocative week we spent to witness potential individuals for our debating community. with this, we believe in long life debating.

So, we’d first and foremost want to send the gratitude to IEC Malaka as very supportive host during the tournament; Ms Catherine as the Convener of the event for being so selfless and accommodated, Invited Adjudicators and all committees involved in the tournament.

Secondly we want to congratulate the teams made it to Main Grand Final:

Champion: Divalah Takdirku – Andieva & Daniel

1st Runner Up: Khilaf(Ah) – Rafi’i & Tanthawi

2nd Runner Up: USD Peterpan – Randy & Jeffry

3rd Runner Up: Just Passing By – Akbar & Angga

Congratulation to the Novice Grandfinalist:

Champion: USD Pocahontas – Ray & Jessica

1st Runner Up: Freedom – Annisa & Chairunnisa

2nd Runner Up: EDDC Night Stalker – Iskandar & Titania

3rd Runner Up: EDDC Varokah – Ria & Asrita

And also congratulation the top 10 Best Speakers

– Muhammad Rafi’i

– Ahmad Tanthawi

– Jeffry

– Randy Ren Tanaka

– Daniel Wiyarta Tenggara

– Marco P Paggett

– Hanto Intan

– Frederick Samuel

– Dedy Gunawan Liem

– Fhadillah Fitri Avianda Sari

And the Novice Best Speaker – Charyn Amianco (District 7)

Alongside on this post, we’d also like to express our apology to the IT&B as we had a technical error in inputting the score which affect their result in 2nd round, hopefully there won’t be any of this event occurred in the future. therefore, the a-core would like to clarify that IT&B Got 2nd position in the 2nd preliminary round.

Hopefully this tournament become one meaningful event and platform to learn and become better.

Adj Core sign off,

Putra – Cath – Ecam

SMA St. Thomas 1 English Festival 2017 Debate Competition

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[SEF 2017 Afterglow]

Dear Medan debaters,

First of all, we’d like to give our gratitude for all of your cooperation (referring to all participants, volunteers, adjudicators and committee) in making SEF 2017 debate competition a success.

Second of all, we’d also like to congratulate:
District 2 as the Champion
HEC Mau Runner Up as the 1st Runner Up.
HEC B as the 2nd Runner Up
Sutomo2 A as the 3rd Runner Up

Daniel Wiyarta T as the 1st Best Speaker.
M Rizki Akbar as the 2nd Best Speaker
Resty S as the Co-2nd Best Speaker.

You can find the tabulation in:

Last but not least, we really hope that what you have learnt in the debate chamber, will not only remain there. In fact, it should be carried to the real world. So that, together, we could be the agent of change to make a better world.
Signing off,
Adj core
(Satya – Ricky – Roly)

SMAN3 SEC.NET 2017 Debate Competition

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Hi everyone,

it was a very wonderful and memorable journey to witness, and SEC.NET 2017 Debate Competition is finally over. On behalf of The A-core, We would like to extend our gratitude to the committee, the judges, and all of the participants. We also would like to congratulate Yang Tersayang as The Champion, FAN A as The 1st Runner-up, SEC A as The 2nd Runner-up, and HEC A as The 3rd Runner-up of this field.
The last but not least, We also would like to congratulate, Daniel Wiyata Tenggara as The Overall Best Speaker.
Throughout the competition, The A-core has witnessed many young talented individuals who kicked serious butts and provided a remarkable cases to for or against the issues around the world. We hope we can see many more developments in this debating community, especially in Medan, Samarinda, or any other region in Indonesia.
The A-core is jubilant to have Cara Riantoputra as the Chief, who just returned from Boston for HMUN, to assist the seminar as well as giving feedbacks. the gossip sessions and your confuse-face-because-you-are-lost-in-Medanese-culture will be missed! see you soon, and thanks so much. Thank you for Ecam and Daniel, for making it possible! It is a great run btw, your contribution is very helpful!. the last but not least, Thanks to Reza Syahdan, who flew from Jakarta, knowing that he has just recently settled there for work, dude, Goodluck! see you around when you are around!
So, that’s all.
Cara, Ecam, Daniel, and Reza sign off!
See you in the next SEC Anniversary!
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Dear participants of NEC 2017,
We would like to send our deepest gratitude towards your participation and your spirit during the competition. Hopefully this competition will bring you to another level of improvement.

Congratulations for:
Champion : SEC Inferno
1st Runner up : SEC Syukur
2nd Runner up : District 3
3rd Runner up : District 2
Best speaker : Nurul Syahputri P.

And also congratulations for the novice category:
Novice Champion : Pos A
Novice Runner Up : Pos C
And novice best speaker : Ris Wahyuni

On the behalf of Adj-core, we are signing off.
(Reza – Ecam – Akbar)

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IT&B English League High School Debate Competition 2017

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Afterglow : IEL Debating Championship 2017

We would like to send our deepest gratitude for all participants and their hard work to participate well in this competition. Some participants cried, laughed and there were even the ‘hear hear’ guy, yet the most important thing is how you improve yourself in the future.

Congratulations for :
Champion : SMANTIG A
1st Runner up : SMANTIG C
2nd Runner up : District 1
3rd Runner up : District 7
Best Speaker : Marco (SMANTIG C)

Keep the debaters’ flag flying high.
A-Cores Sign off,
(Ody – Reza – Heri)

Stanford New Year Celebration Debate Open 2017

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Dear participants of Stanford Debate Open,
We are very grateful for your participation and we apologize for any inconvenience during the competition.

Also, we would like to congratulate our winners:
Buckingham as the Champion
WAS NSDC SUMUT as the 1st Runner-Up
UDS D as the 2nd Runner-Up
ITNB as Grand-Finalist
Roderick and Vincent Julianto as the Best Speakers

The tabulation record can be accessed from the tab beside.

Last but not least, we hope the debated motions have enriched you about the latest issues in the society. On behalf of the Adj-core, we are officially signing off.
(Reza – Sarah – Daniel)