High School


Here is the list of legal institutions in high school category that possess the environment to exercise English Debating skills.

SMANSA English Club
Institution: SMA Negeri 1 Medan
President: Henry Hartawan
Recent Achievements:

  • Breaking Teams of IMSI Anniversary 2015
  • Novice Grand Finalist of Excellence High School Debating 2015
SMANTIG English Club (SEC)
Institution: SMA Negeri 3 Medan
President: Adama Hoppy
Recent Achievements:

  • Champion and Runner Up of SEF 2016
  • Runner Up of IT&B English League
  • Runner Up of HTEF 2016
  • Co-Runner Up of SEC Anniversary 2016
STOSA English Club
Institution: SMA St. Thomas 1 Medan
President: Amanda Viani
Recent Achievements:

  • Grand finalist of SEF 2016
Husni Thamrin English Club (HTEC)
Institution: Husni Thamrin High School
President: Fernando Trustanto
Recent Achievements:

  • Best Speaker in ELC (Excellence Learning Centre) Debate Competition
  • First Runner Up in SEF 2016
SMANSA Binjai Parliamentary English Debate Society (SMANBIPEDS)
Institution: SMA Negeri 1 Binjai
President: Dear llliyin Pratiwi
Recent Achievements:

  • 1st place of English Debate in OBI UISU 2016
Harapan English Club (HEC)
Institution: SMA Harapan 1 Medan
President: M Rizki Akbar Lubis
Recent Achievements:

  • Champion of NSDC Provincial Selection 2016
  • 2nd Runner up of Medan Speak Up Debate Open 2016
  • 1st Runner up of NEC 2016
  • Champion of SEC 2016