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Perlombaan Debat Bahasa Inggris Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa Bidang Ilmiah Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan UMSU

We assigned Hot Maringan Samosir, S.Sos., S.E and Selamat Husni Hasibuan, S.Pd., M.Hum (Cand) to taking part in English Debating Competition of Student science and creativity week 2016, an event hosted by English Major of University of Muhammadiyah North Sumatra. We helped adjudication and having much discussion with principals to have sustainable cooperative synergy. Best job guys!

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STOSA English Festival 2016

Medan Debaters Forum cooperated with SMA. St. Thomas 1 Medan to present STOSA English Festival 2016. This is our 5th partnership so far in years, while understanding and very kind cooperation clearly become our solid modal for accomplishing this project smoothly.

This year, we bring the spirit of regeneration to encourage young potential source to handle adjudication core. We are very realised that idea of proliferation must engaged many people, with many background and profile, to do many activities sustainably.

We congratulate our young squad, Hanto Intan (STMIK Mikroskil), Awanis Aswin, Satya Kevino, Fadhilla, Frederick Samuel (University of Sumatra Utara), Muhammad Rafii, Hummayrra (University of Muhammadiyah North Sumatra) and Ricky Tionardi (STBA PIA) for your passionate spirit to be volunteer. On your enthusiasm, we believe on long live debating!

Official Respond on LGBTQI Issue

Responding current issues about some rejection by official authorities upon academic initiative research organization, focusing on LGBTQI advocacy.

By this posting, Medan Debaters Forum officially announce its standing to actively support LGBTQI Movement as the part of integrated efforts to create inclusive society.

We have been being familiar with those issues into debating motion, thousand times debated, much argument and reasonings presented. This is the right time to direct social position beyond debating stage, spreading democratical principle among real societies, facing conservative rejection and fundamentalist. We believe, it’s time to involve, starting small contribution ( find us at 70th position at supported organization list).

Support LGBTQI, support humanity, whoever you are!

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