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Medan Speech Contest 2017

Have you ever felt shaky and sweaty in front of an audience or had a panic attack during a class presentation? Oops, it means you suffer from Glassophobia, the fear of public speaking. It is estimated that 75 % of people suffer from speech anxiety.
But, people have to overcome this fear now because we always need to speak in the crowd in order to connect, influence, and motivate people, especially for future leaders. And the best cure to this phobia is through practicing, everyday and everywhere.
So, future leaders, are you excited to practice your public speaking skills? Medan Speech Contest 2017 is coming soon !!! •••
Day & Date : Sunday, June, 18th 2017

Time : 09.00 am – 05.00 pm

Venue :
Politeknik Ganesha Kampus 2 Medan
Jln. A.R. Hakim no. 193 BC Medan

Category : High School and Public
Registration Fee : Rp. 50.000,- •••
Here, you will not only pratice your public speaking skills but also see how others perform and thus you can earn more knowledge.
For you winners, we provide cash prize and certificates are waiting !!! So, don’t hesitate to register, guys !
#MSC2017 #DebateCompetitionInMedan #MDF

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Medan British Parliamentary Debate Open 2017

[MBPDO 2017 is coming to town]

An annual debate competition hosted by Medan Debaters Forum (MDF) to proliferate debate in Medan has returned. This year, Medan British Parliamentary Debate Open (MBPDO) 2017 is equipped with a more innovative approach in escalating the local debating atmosphere into a higher level. As what has been practiced in some competitions before, MBPDO will recruit volunteer adjudicators, for those who seek the debate competition exposure and of course, for learning purpose. Moreover, we will also introduce the individual registration concept, for you who do not have any partner (We feel you, bro/sis!). Individual registration will pay half of the team registration fee, which is IDR 100k. We are going to randomly match any individual registrant with other individual registrant (which is a brand new challenge to have a random partner).

Anyway, here’s the important details.

Date: June 2017, 17th – 18th

Venue: Politeknik Ganesha, Kampus 2. Jalan A.R. Hakim No. 193BC Medan.

Format: British Parliamentary

Reg. Fee: IDR 200k/team; IDR 100k/pax.

Here is the registration links for MBPDO 2017



You can transfer your registration fee to our account :

BNI Cab. USU Medan
An. Hot Maringan Samosir
Account number = 0265902213

After that, you just need to send the transfer receipt to our w.a (082238322758)



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STOSA English Festival 2017

Saint Thomas 1 presents:
“Be brave to speak English. We conquer the world”
An english competition among senior and junior high schoolers

We open registration!
Start 6 March till 24 March 2017
Technical Meeting: 28 March 2017
Will be held : 30 March – 1 April 2017
This competition consists of:
1. For Middle Schoolers
2. For Senior High Schoolers
-DEBATE (180K/Team)

For more information:
-Christian: 08566100254 / christianstnjk
-Meisy: 081375656008 / meisy_dee
Or email us at
And follow us on Instagram: @SEF6_2017

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IEC Debate Open 2017

We are back! International Education Centre (IEC) is proud to convene the 5th IEC Debate Open on the 26th March and 2nd of April 2017. This open invitational tournament  promises to be one of the most prestigious and competitive events in the local debate calendar.

This tournament is perfect for exposure to a high level of world debating and for training for upcoming debate competitions and the rest of the debate year ahead. For four years consecutively, we attracted teams from prestigious high schools and universities and many notable illustrious members of the debating alumni.

We would like to extend a cordial invitation to your esteemed institution to participate in the IEC Debate Open 2017.

Dates: 26th March (Sun) and 2nd April (Sun) 2017

Venue: IEC Malaka (Preliminary and Final rounds)

Timing: 8 am to 5.00 pm (Preliminary rounds)

Rounds 26th March : 3 preliminary Rounds
2nd April   : Quarter-finals, Semi-Finals (Novice and Main), Grand Final (Novice and Main)

Debating Format: British Parliamentary Debate (WUDC/Worlds)
Team Rule: 2 debaters in a team
Reg. Fees: 200,000 IDR
Latest Registration and Payment on 21 March 2017.
(Team cap: 40 teams, first come first serve basis).

To register, please come to IEC Malaka, IEC Jemadi, or IEC Hayam Wuruk. More details can be found at our facebook group (IEC Debate Open). We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you at IEC Debate Open 2017.

Join us at IEC Debate Open, the first open debate in Medan!

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