Medan Debaters Forum (MDF) is a non-governmental organization that aims to empower, enhance and improve English debate proliferation in Medan. MDF acts to give shelter and support for individuals and communities that have similar aspiration and passion in creating a better debating atmosphere.


MDF was established on July 7th 2010 and previously named as Medan Debaters Community. On November 4th 2013, MDF was legalized under a legal entity (Akta Notaris) which was signed by Jur Rico Rahman Siahaan, S. H., M. Kn. and was officially acknowledged by the local government (Pemko Medan) under a letter of establishment (SK Domisili) on July 28th 2016.


To introduce parliamentary debating as an alternative in enhancing skills in public speaking and critical thinking, as well as to encourage people to be the agent of change in the democratic living.


  1. To provide capacity building programs that enhance parliamentary debating skills through competitions, workshops, trainings and other creative programs.
  2. To recruit potential human resources, as intellectual personals with professional partnership.
  3. To initiate mutual partnerships among all stakeholders – government, NGO and corporations – to support all related programs.
  4. To expand debate euphoria among all schools and universities and to introduce parliamentary debate and its benefits to uninformed students.
  5. To organize fundraising projects and help debate clubs to fund their events for a more sustainable debate proliferation.


Here’s our bylaws (Anggaran Rumah Tangga/ART)

ART MDF [2017]