Medan Pro Am Debate Open 2017

Medan Pro Am Debate Open!

Will be on December 1st-3rd, Fri-Sun.
Newbie debaters will have to pair up with an already established debater, there will be no Novice team!
And likewise, all established debaters have to find a Novice partner to speak together!

We also provide individual registration, for those of you who are too laz– ahem! Busy, err.. yes, that’s it. Busy. For those of you who are too busy to find your antithesis partner.

But before that, here’s the definition.
– Professional debater:
For debater who have proceeded (break) into the elimination round of local/regional/national/international debate open/varsity-level tournaments that used either AP or BP format.
– Amateur debater:
For debater who have never proceeded (break) into the elimination round of local/regional/national/international debate open/varsity-level tournaments that used either AP or BP format.
OR (if you’re a high school debater; ignore the following criteria if you are not a high school debater)
for debater who have never reached into the grand final round of a local high school debate competition that used either AP or BP format.

Team Registration Form:
Individual Registration Form:

The mechanism will be as follow:
1. You submit your team or individual registration form
2. We will do the background check
3A. We will notify you whether you pass or not pass the check
3B. For individual registrants, we will notify you when we have the candidates ready, to be matched as a team
PS: Feel free to appeal for Am/Pro category, if you think you deserve that.

You can do the payment via transfer to the following account
BNI Cab. USU Medan
An. Hot Maringan Samosir
No. Rek: 0265902213

Once you are done with the payment, do confirm it with Satya (0878-1889-7902).

Laztly, the A-core of this tournament:
– Fhadilah (USU) as the Chief Adjudicator
A small town girl trapped in the world of debating. She has been constantly trying to free herself from the addiction, yet the more she resists the more she loved debating. Today, debating does not only consume some portion of her life. She has dedicated herself to be the Chief Adjudicator of the first Medan Pro Am Debate Open, to ensure the debating community remain sustained. Equipped with her leadership and also remarkable adjudicating skill, she is the best candidate we ever had.

– Agus (UMN)
Also known as the ghost of UMN CoDe. He is the guy behind the progressive development of UMN CoDe. Having the traits of hardworking and humble, this debater remain eager to keep on improving himself. Though he has missed his spotlight in debating, he decided to utilize the negative emotion into will power, which is used in self-actualizing himself through this competition. By showing his merit in debate, he hopes he will ever find peace in debating.

– Satya (MDF)
A debate enthusiast that is joyfully infected with debate virus. Today, he is attempting to release a groundbreaking debate epidemic to his local community. Being equipped with his little superior knowledge, it is within his power to infect common people with debate virus. FYI, the intended-to-be-released virus is certified with national experiences.

PS: You can find the details in the given poster.

See you there!


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