MDF Pre-NUDC Debate Boot Camp 2017 Afterglow

Our ministry of education changed the name of our education curriculum from Kurikulum Berbasis Kompetisi to Kurikulum Berbasis Kompetensi in 2001, with claims that the nature of education should be to nurture children to perfection, not sending them to a battle arena and watch them gladiator to death.

Well, we beg to differ. Debating should be training both aspects of your intellect: your competitiveness and your competence. Hence, why we conducted this MDF Pre-NUDC DBootCamp 2017. Preparing Kopertis-1 debaters, honing your competence, in order to be competitive in your NUDC later. We hope that we have succeeded in making you competent. Now, be competitive in the nationals!

Congratulations to the best team in this competition which managed to secure the champion title from winning all six debate rounds with a clean streak: USU A (Agung & Dedy)

Also, shoutouts to the top ten best speakers in this tournament:

  1. Agung Pratama Sinulingga (USU A)
  2. Dedy Gunawan Lien (USU A)
  3. Muhammad Al-Anas (UMSU)
  4. Sastra Buana Ginting (UMN Legit Boss)
  5. Annisa Syafira Gusnov (UMSU)
  6. Hanto Intan (SALAD MALAKA)
  7. Fajar Fadli (UNIMED)
  8. Seyu Fani (UMN Legit Boss)
  9. Jessica (USU B)
  10. M. Ali Nurdin (USU B)

The motions in MDF Pre-NUDC Debate Boot Camp 2017 were:

R1. THW incentivize artists and/or songwriters to remove swear words from their music

R2. THW allow convicts sentenced to life to opt for the death penalty

R3. THBT parents should install spyware on their children’s electronic devices and CCTV on their children’s bedrooms

R4. THBT historical artefacts should be repatriated to their country of origin

R5. TH, as Indonesia, W walk out from ALL our matches in ALL sport branches in ALL following SouthEast Asian Games (including this one) when the host country is Malaysia

R6. THW ban inheritance

There were no elimination rounds in this tournament. The winners are determined from their breaking position in the team tabulation after accummulation of points in all six rounds.

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And his DCAs

I forgot who they were

Tabulation: Click here.

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