MDF Pre-NUDC Debate Boot Camp

Behold, a unique variant of your usual standard-issue debate competitions:
MDF Pre-NUDC Debate Boot Camp

6 debate rounds without any elimination round at all! Ensuring debaters to be debating all the time, instead of having to watch!

British Parliamentary (2 speakers in a team)
University Level (Composite team, multiinstitution/multiclub/multiuniversity, is still allowed)
16 teams capped

Time, Date & Place:
Saturday-Sunday, 26&27 Aug, 8AM-5PM
Universitas Sari Mutiara Indonesia

Technical meeting (incl. exhibition & N1 preparatory test):
Friday, 25 Aug.
Universitas Sari Mutiara Indonesia

Registration fee: ONLY 60K/person for DEBATER/N1ADJUDICATOR!
Bank account:
a. n Muhammad Rafii
Bank Syariah Mandiri.

Once you have done the payment, do confirm it with our contact person below.

But lunch is not provided. But, then again, who cares — people like you need debate more than food anyways.

Contact person: M Rafii 085361241960

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