MDF Kopertis 1 Pre-NUDC Debate Prep!

National Universities Debating Championship (NUDC) is the only nationwide debating competition under the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education.

This tournament is using the British Parliamentary format because it is intended to be the platform of the ministry in finding 4 teams that will represent Indonesia in World Universities Debating Championship

It’s been plenty years since the first year of NUDC and much of non-Javanese debaters or varsity has made so much impact on it.

We say, its not because lack of skills since we believe every debaters especially from North Sumatera has potential skill to conquer the competition. But it is due to lack of preparation, and experience for such heated competition.

With the problem addressed, MDF is here trying to solve the issues by initiating a “Pre-NUDC Debate Prep” which will help the candidates for NUDC across North Sumatera to be prepared as good as possible.

MDF will provide experienced coaches, deeper case-analysis training, comprehensive structure building, and sharing tips and tricks on how to show your best performance on NUDC!

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