MDF Debating 101, The First Online Debating Course in Medan

Hi, Medan debate enthusiasts.

Today, we are proud to announce that our latest program to develop your skill in debating is finally happening. It has a name, Debating 101.

Debating 101 is a free online course, where students will undergo a series of lessons, starting from how to create an argument, construct a rebuttal, to developing ideas, like big government vs. small government, international relations, and so on. The curriculum is brought to you using Big Voice Academy’s, where a member of MDF once had the privilege to attend and finish the world’s first massive open online course in debating. We believe that in order to elevate our debating community to the next level, one must uphold inclusivity of information, which is why this educational program is being brought to you.

Debating 101 serves to be an access for people who wish to learn more about debate, but do not have the resources, due to geographical and perhaps time constraints. It is within our hope to witness how this program is being contributive toward your growth.

Debating 101 will run for a 6-7 weeks time, where a new lesson is being launched weekly.

In order to participate in Debating 101, no special knowledge is required. Basically, it only requires you to be able to understand English, for all of the materials inside are in English; an internet access; and a Google mail account.

Registration period is until 22nd of July 2017. Click here to enroll yourself for the limited quota.

Selected candidates will later be approached via email.

We look forward your participation!

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