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Debating404 – Comprehensive Debate Learning Resources

Debating should be more than just a competition. It should empower the people exercising it as an enlightenment, to change people to be better. Currently, we are short of materials which can be openly accessed by people who need to access the current issues happening in our society, and we see on how Debating404 tries to answer the call.

Hereby, we introduce the independent project Debating404, which is initiated by our local debate enthusiasts, who shares the same philosophy with us. At the moment, Debating404 serves you a library of motion analyses. They also welcome contributors!

Click here to visit the site.

Medan Debaters Forum Public Survey

Dear all,

We, as Medan Debaters Forum (MDF), would like to inform you that starting from 2017, we will annually conduct online survey with polling facility to collect our fellow debate enthusiasts’ opinion and suggestion regarding to debate proliferation issue in Medan and its surrounding.

The survey is meant to improve public’s participation and also serve as a feedback tool for MDF to release a public statement on some issues related to debate proliferation in Medan.

We really look forward your participation by spending some of your time to fill in the online form, for the sake of our debate community betterment.

Here is the link of the online form that focuses on the legal capacity issue to host a debate tournament.

“Debate with respect, no drama”