USU Open 2016


Dear Indonesian debaters….
On the land of freedom that our forefathers have fought for, we are blessed with the great nature.

In this blessed land, will you let racial, religion, and culture divide us?
We are groups of powerful, brave, and smart people. We are fighters, poets, singers, thinkers, philosophers, and we are … Debaters!!!

Let our voices be heard and our people thrive with their potential. Let our youth shakes the barriers that separated us!
We were great once, and now the horns are blown and the drums are rolling, a new call of greatness has been sung. Are you ready to break the barriers that stumble our growth and potentials?
Are you ready to make your voices heard and strong in this land of the brave and freedom?

Then, join us, the spirit of youth USU Open 2016 and let’s break the barriers and move forward!

Here’s our A-core list:

1. Magreta Kailla Adenta (UI)
* ESL Grandfinalist of WUDC 2016 Greece
* EFL Semifinalist and Best Speaker of ABP 2015 Malaysia
* Champion of Founder Trophy 2015
* Breaking judge NUDC 2016
* 2nd Runner up NUDC 2015

2. Alif Satria (UGM)
* Acore NUDC 2016
* Acore IVED 2016
* Acore ALSA UI 2016
* Champion NUDC 2015
* Best Speaker ALSA UI 2015

3. Revian Nathanael Wirabuana (UnPar)
* DCA of ALSA e-Comp 2016
* DCA of Ganesha Open 2015
* DCA of Founder’s Trophy 2014
* Best Speaker and Semifinalist of NUDC 2016
* 4th Best Speaker and Grandfinalist of JOVED 2016

Besides, we also will be served by qualified and adorable invited adjudicators.

Date : November 4th-6th, 2016
Venue : University of Sumatera Utara
Format : British Parliamentary System
N1 Policy : N-1 (per team)
Registration : to be done through visiting FB fanpage:

Registration Period : August 30th – October 31st 2016
Registration Payment : Early Bird (Aug 30th-Sept 29th) 170.000 IDR/person ; Late Bird (Oct 1st-Oct 31st) 200.000 IDR/person
**Registration fee doesn’t include accommodation. For accommodation details anod invitation letter for your institution, please contact us.

What are you waiting for?
Join us to Break the Barriers and Win the total cash prize more than 10 million for the main and novice category!

Contact us through contact person at:
Jeffry (0822-7620-8822)
Dwi Damayanti (0812-1785-8088)
Dedy Gunawan (0852-8876-9500)

Go follow to get the newest update of the competition :
* Official LINE account (USD) : @vaf5536j
* Official IG account : usudebate
* Official Facebook fanpage : USU Society For Debating


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