Liga Bahasa SMA Harapan 2016 (LIBASH 2016)

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SMA Swasta Harapan Medan proudly presents LIGA BAHASA SMA HARAPAN 2016 (LIBASH 2016)

For the first time ever, bringing you the best languange competition in North Sumatera. Serving you the most spectacular atmosphere of competitiveness and a chance for you to prove yourselves and be the king of kings.

There are 8 categories of competition:
1. Puisi B. Indonesia (Tingkat SMP, IDR 30.000/Person)
2. Musikalisasi Puisi (Tingkat SMP/SMA, IDR 100.000/Team)
3. Film Dokumenter (Tingkat SMA, IDR 50.000/Team)
4. English Debate BP Format (Tingkat SMA, IDR 170.000/Team)
5. Scrabble (Tingkat SMP/SMA, IDR 50.000/Person)
6. Speech (Tingkat SMP, IDR 30.000/Person)
7. Quiz Taikai B.Jepang (Tingkat SMA, IDR 40.000/Team)
8. Cosplay (Tingkat SMP/SMA, IDR 50.000/Person)

Date: 29 October – 30 October 2016
Venue: Yayasan Pendidikan Harapan

Registration period:
5 Sept – 25 Oct 2016

Feel free to join and prove yourself.

081265593233 (Akbar) / Line: akbarlubis
081322887423 (Rahmi) / Line: rahmirktlibash

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