STOSA English Festival 2016

Medan Debaters Forum cooperated with SMA. St. Thomas 1 Medan to present STOSA English Festival 2016. This is our 5th partnership so far in years, while understanding and very kind cooperation clearly become our solid modal for accomplishing this project smoothly.

This year, we bring the spirit of regeneration to encourage young potential source to handle adjudication core. We are very realised that idea of proliferation must engaged many people, with many background and profile, to do many activities sustainably.

We congratulate our young squad, Hanto Intan (STMIK Mikroskil), Awanis Aswin, Satya Kevino, Fadhilla, Frederick Samuel (University of Sumatra Utara), Muhammad Rafii, Hummayrra (University of Muhammadiyah North Sumatra) and Ricky Tionardi (STBA PIA) for your passionate spirit to be volunteer. On your enthusiasm, we believe on long live debating!

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